Welcome from the P&C at East Narrogin Primary School
Settling our children into a new school or sending them off to Kindy for the first time can be exciting and emotional for the whole family. Getting to know teachers and other parents plus understanding how the school works is challenging for you too. We hope that you’ll soon feel part of our vibrant school community.

If you’d like to be actively involved in the school we invite you to join us as a member of the Parents and Citizens Association (P&C). We’re a group of parents and staff, who, like you, want to ensure our kids have the best possible experience at school. We recognize that parents can play an important role in ensuring this.

What does the P&C actually do?
We don’t just engage in fundraising, although this is one of our most visible functions. We also organize events which encourage the school community to get together and get to know each other. We run the canteen which is currently operational on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. We volunteer our time to help out with school events. The P&C has a representative on the School Board and provides a forum for parents to discuss issues relating to the school. To do all of this we need as many parents as possible to be part of the P&C so we can truly represent the school community (and have all hands on deck when we are organizing big events!).

What we fund?
The P&C have in the past provided funding for:

• Interactive Whiteboards
• Air-conditioning
• Carpeting and Enclosing of the Undercover Area
• Playground Equipment
• Classroom Resources – such as textbooks and dictionary’s
• Sporting equipment

Plus much, much more

What meetings?
You are very welcome to come along. We meet on the second Monday of each month at 7.00pm in the Staffroom. We understand not everyone can come to meetings, so we email notices, agendas and minutes to our members to keep you informed. Our first meeting for the year is scheduled for Monday, 8 February.

Facebook Page
We communicate with our school members through our facebook page, with information provided in relation to all our upcoming fundraising events and meetings. Plus some interesting articles. Please LIKE our facebook page to keep up to date with all of the current information.

Like to join?
It costs just $1.00 to join for a year. If you would like to help out with any of our P&C activities, please let us know — volunteers are always welcome! You don’t have to join the P&C to be actively involved, please just email us to join our helpers list. We email our helpers list when we are arranging our fundraising activities.

We hope you and your family will enjoy your time at East Narrogin Primary School.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

P&C President

Email: enpspandc@hotmail.com

P&C Committee 2020

Marie EdgleyPresident
Kate FurphyVice President
Sarah HennessySecretary
Lynne DorsetTreasurer
Ros BootheyCanteen Manager
Emma Peddy, Alyce Smith, Tegan
Jamieson, Belinda Furphy, Michelle Birrell,
 Tahlia Gifford
Committee Members

Our P&C needs you! Our current membership is low. The P&C is not sustainable if we do not increase our membership.

Two main reasons are:

1. We are unable to meet our Association operating requirements

2. We do not have the practical support to achieve our goals

What can you do?

• Please JOIN the P&C (the membership form is attached below. These can be returned to the Canteen with your $1 membership fee)

• Sign up to our Helpers List. This keeps you informed about what’s coming up and how you can help. Simply email us at enpspandc@hotmail.com

• Attend meetings whenever possible. Many decisions & plans are made at meetings and this is when we need your input

• When you see information about forthcoming events or appeals for assistance, put your hand up to help however you are able

• Come and talk to us. Share your thoughts, ideas, skills, resources.

• Join our Facebook page (East Narrogin Primary School P&C)

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