East Narrogin Primary has a school canteen which operates every Monday, Thursday and Friday. Our menu offers healthy choices and complies with the requirements of the Department of Education‘s Healthy Food and Drink policy. This policy uses a ‘traffic light’ colour system of food categorisation to identify and promote foods and drinks.

Our canteen is managed by our P&C and staffed by a canteen manager, assisted by parent and caregiver volunteers. All classrooms have an allocated week during each term, when they are rostered onto canteen duty. Parents of children in the rostered class are encouraged to support the school by volunteering their time. Parents who volunteer their time can earn a free ice-cream for their child.

Ordering lunch

Children can order lunches every Monday, Thursday and Friday morning before school from 8.20am – 8.40am.

Children need to complete a lunch order bag with their order, name and room number clearly displayed on the bag. Money must also be enclosed with the order. This is then given to the parent or canteen manager on duty in the canteen. Children assemble to eat their lunch in the undercover area with their class groups – and the box of lunches for each class is delivered to the classroom prior to the lunch break. At times it might be delivered to the class group as they are seated.

The canteen is also open during recess time and for a short time at the start of the lunch break.