2023 Administration

Principal: Miss Ashleigh Dixon

Deputy Principal: Mrs Joanna Hayes and Mrs Evelyn Wilkie (Wednesdays)

Manager Corporate Services: Mrs Fiona Kirby

School Officer: Mrs Josephine Reynolds (Monday-Thursday)


2023 Class Structure

Kindergarten and Pre-Primary - ECC2

Teacher: Mrs Julie-Anne O'Donoghue

Education Assistants: Mrs Tracy Bolton, Mrs Debbit Cutri (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and Mrs Desi Wilkie (Mondays)


Year 1/2 - Room 3

Teachers: Mrs Lucie Betteley (Tuesday-Friday) and Ms Jennifer Sterry (Monday)

Education Assistant: Mrs Tanya Bradshaw


Year 2/3 - Room 1

Teacher: Mrs Lorna Grout

Education Assistant: Mr Jarrod Draper


Year 4/5 - Room 7

Teacher: Mr Newton O'Dea

Education Assistance: Mrs Sue Burbridge (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday)


Year 6 - Room 8

Teacher: Mr Ryan Fawell

Education Assistant: Miss Rica Sta Ana


2023 Specialist Classes

Drama, Indonesian and Design & Technology - Room 9

Teacher: Ms Jennifer Sterry


Physical Education

Teacher: Mrs Evelyn Wilkie


Mini Lit/Macq Lit - Room 6

Education Assistance: Mrs Jo Annear (Monday-Thursday)

AIEO: Miss Laycee Coles


2023 Support 

Learning Support Co-Ordinator

Mrs Evelyn Wilkie


Chaplain/Breakfast Club - Art Room

Mrs Desi Wilkie


Culture Room - Room 5

AIEO: Miss Laycee Coles


Library (Mondays and Wednesdays)

Librarian: Mrs Sandi Seton




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