A Message from the Principal

Dear East Narrogin Families and the Narrogin Community
It is with absolute pride and privilege that I introduce myself as your incoming permanent principal for East Narrogin Primary School. I say your principal, as I am here in service of our students, staff, families, and the wider ENPS community. My leadership approach is driven by relationships and the strengthening of school culture. With this comes authentic consultation, collaboration, and listening deeply. As a leader, I have a profound belief that we are better together.
I have four key school culture pillars that we will collectively prioritise in Term 1 and beyond.
Flourishing relationships
Building trust
Creating belonging
Enabling happiness
Together, as a community, we have the capacity to build an unrelenting moral purpose of ensuring every student at East Narrogin Primary School is a successful learner, optimising their learning potential, regardless of the starting point.
To the most important stakeholders in our school, our amazing students. You are our core business and the strongest voice in our school. I am beyond excited to meet you all next week and begin to build a special relationship. I will be looking for some helpful students to show me around!
2023 holds many exciting events and steps forward for our school. I am sure many of you have already seen previous posts welcoming some of our new staff members this year, how lucky are we! Please be advised that final classroom structures will be displayed outside the administration office and on classroom doors from 4 pm, Monday afternoon.
Never hesitate to pop in for a chat, address me directly with concerns, or contribute your valuable feedback.
I cannot wait to see the magic we create together this year.
Yours sincerely,
Ashleigh Dixon
Principal East Narrogin Primary School

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