School Gardens

Posted on April 9th, 2019

We are pleased that Landcare has accepted a grant proposal put forward by ENPS for $1,000 to go towards the school gardens. Our school is currently establishing a Sensory Garden next to the Library with the support of the P&C and a Noongar Six Season garden overlooking the school oval. This money will go a long way towards plants and signage. The aim is to have both of the new gardens as major teaching resources for all year levels. The vegetable garden with sensory objects will be used for cooking, teaching and by children who just want to take some time to be still and calm. The Noongar Six Seasons garden is to have native plants that will flower in each of the six seasons to teach Noongar culture and environmental studies.  We look forward to next term inviting some local Noongar community members into the school to assist with planning this garden.