Year 6 Camp

A huge appreciation to Mr Fawell for the outstanding organisation of camp this year. The three days were smooth sailing, exciting for all and thoroughly considered in planning. Congratulations to all our Year 6 students. Your behaviour, positive attitude and willingness to have a go was inspiring.


On Wednesday 9 August the Year 6 class went on a camping trip to Ern Haliday. We left camp early to get ready. I was excited. We travelled about two and a half hours to get to Perth and as soon as we got there we went to Kings Park to have recess and run and play. We had lunch after and played chasey. We then travelled to the WA Museum, I saw a blue tongue lizard, a snake, butterflies and a big spider. There is a blue whale, shark, dinosaurs and lots of other stuff that I can't remember. After the Museum we went to the camping place, Ern Halliday. We unpacked and set up the dorm then went to the sand dunes! I made a sand castle with Alexi. We sang baby shark while going down the sand dune! Then we had a shower and dinner. At night we played Escape the night. It was so dark but fun.

By James E

On Thursday Miss Sta Ana was up super early in the morning. My voice was super croaky! After that we had breakfast. We had to go on the big oval and were broken up into two groups. We changed between team building and orienteering. The instructor ran through all the rules and we had lots of fun with all our friends. After that we had lunch, building our own burger. The groups rotated and we got to do Archery and the Fying Fox. I couldn't do it because of my collarbone but still got to help out a little and have a go at firing a bow with some help.

By Tianna

On Friday we packed up before breakfast and it was a hot breakfast! We had to hop on the bus early for Fremantle Prison. We then got to play at a big park, and have a yummy lunch at Cicerello's of fish and chips! We then headed back to Narrogin and got home around 3:15pm. It was so much fun I wish we could of stayed for longer.

By Zara

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