School Achievements

Over the last several years the staff and school community of East Narrogin Primary School have worked hard to foster a culture of collaboration and sharing.  We value the strength of whole school approaches to ensure that the learning of children who attend our school from kindergarten through to Year 7 can be built on from one year to the next.

WA Literacy School of the Year 2010

The success of our whole school approaches in addressing the particular literacy learning needs of our students has resulted in a National Literacy Award in 2007 and being awarded Literacy School of the Year at the 2010 Western Australian Education Awards.

At East Narrogin we describe our Stairway School as one in which:  changes are systematic, evidence-based and driven by identified areas of need; teaching strategies, resources and approaches are implemented incrementally and built on from year to year; all staff are involved in whole school planning and work towards clear goals for students; planning for students at educational risk is connected to the whole classroom context; and a common literacy language is in use by all staff, and underpinned by a common philosophy and shared understanding of effective literacy practice.

We apply these whole school stairway approaches to all learning areas, to ensure our children acquire the essential knowledge, skills, understandings and values for learning steadily over their schooling, through systematic and targeted teaching.

Journey into Independence

Following on from this success our school was selected to become an Independent Public School in 2013.  This is terrific affirmation of both our school community’s trust and faith in our school as well as the Department of Education’s recognition that we have the expertise and capacity to take up this challenge.