Siren Times

School commences at 8.45am and finishes at 3.10pm.  Early close occurs every Monday at 2.30pm to allow staff to meet and work together.  All students are welcome to attend Breakfast Club in the new community centre area before school but must not arrive at school before 8.20am.

Our siren times are as follows:

8.20am   Children permitted to arrive at school
8:45 am Siren Classes commence
10.40 am Siren Morning recess
11.00 am Siren End of recess for children
11.03 am   Classes resume
12:45 pm Siren Lunch supervised by duty teachers
1:05 pm Siren Children dismissed for lunch playtime
1:25 pm Siren End of lunch
1:28 pm   Classes resume
3:10 pm Siren School concludes